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You need no introduction, but, there is one thing that has remain untold – what’s the story behind the name SUMMER ?

I met my wife Sophie on the 21st of June, which is her birthday date and the first day of the summer season. So there’s a romantic symbolic to it and it also represents our inspirations from South California, where we use to spend a lot of good times. Then, everybody loves the summer season. It kind of made sense to us.

Stephane, when do you really get the chance to listen to music properly and appreciate it the most ?

I have half an hour drive from my home to the office/store so this is basically the most quiet moment of the day in my car where I can really appreciate and give a proper listen to music I like. Otherwise in store even though we have a great playlist, I don’t really pay that much attention to it. Music also represents days off or being on the road with my kids, they make me listen to new french rappers that are trending and I have to admit that some of them are cool!

What can we expect from SUMMER or you in the near future ?

Well, recently we have opened DISTANCE along with my partner Guillaume. It is basically a store which tends to bring the same DNA and approach to products and experience than SUMMER, but this time to the running scene. We carry brands from New Balance, Salomon, asics to smaller labels such as District Vision or Satisfy. My focus is to develop the store and build something strong as the potential in wellness is exciting!


Photography – Juliette Valero

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