Team sounds - Yoann's playlist


You’ve been at SUMMER from almost day one, what is it like to have experienced the evolution from the inside ?

It’s been a great journey so far, things have changed quickly but the vibe has remain the same, Stephane & Sophie always make sure that the family spirit is still the cornerstone of the store. We try not to take things too seriously in here, we’re not saving the world everyday right? We had great guys in our team and we now have a great young team that is ready to keep on the pace.

I know you love travelling, can we found any influences from your past experiences in your playlist ?

Sure thing, I decided to build the playlist in three different parts. The first part which is a lot of soul music, motown, rn’b is an ode to my parents and road trips memories from childhood, I’m french but my parents never really listened to french variété and I grew up listening to this. After that it’s recent songs, that I listen to on a daily basis, at work or while doing sports. The last part is more dedicated to fun and short trips, partying with my girlfriend or friends.

Any fun facts about a song from the playlist ? 

Technotronics – Pump up the Jam, while in a very shitty karaoke bar in Tokyo (drunk) with my former partner at sansnom. Romain and a couple of other guys, Stephane (owner and founder of SUMMER store) surprised us by choosing and singing this song out loud and of course everybody started singing and then the rest…is good memories!

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