Team sounds - Juliette's playlist



Here we are, Friday, almost the end of the week for the crew here, what about you ? what are your plans for the week-end ?

Well today is my birthday! I’m going to celebrate it tonight with some friends and then I’ll head to the club where I shoot on a weekly basis. Etienne de Crecy plays tonight and I’ll make the photo-report of the event. This is basically how I spent my weekend, reporting the local youth nights shooting in several different clubs around town, catching the vibe…

I guess that leads to my second question, did you envisionned your playlist as a party soundtrack ? What was your main idea ?

In still pictures just as in life, I like contrast. I wanted to work on a playlist that would go against the « nice little girl » vision that people associate me to. I’m the girl who is going to steal the aux cable to play songs during a party, I love music in a broad sense but I really enjoy finding new up and coming artists.

We know it’s absolutely not the best part of the job so it’s going to be a fun one : favorite brand from our selection to do packshots ?

Indeed ! I believe ALYX would be my first choice for apparel. There’s always interesting fabrics and shapes. Otherwise I really enjoy shooting shoes and sneakers, their curves and complexity is definitely a fun shoot.


Photography – Juliette Valero ? Your guess !

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