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Fabien, here at the store we all know that you come from the city of Arles in Camargue, the land of rice and horses…am I right? What can you tell us about your home that the cliché didn’t told us already?

Yes, you’re definitely right. A part from the clichés including bulls and ferias as well, Arles is well known for his Antic Heritage. The city also became a land of culture mainly due to the photography exhibitions which brought a strong interest to the area. We even have some really great architects who come here to work such as Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando…

Explain to us some of your choices in the playlist and what did you had in mind when doing it ?

While curating this playlist I thought I would bring influences from all around the world. I’ve been lucky to discover most of these songs across meeting and traveling, so I was kind of the mood to share this feeling.

You run with our friends at @distance_lyon – what’s your power song for the last miles ?

Hm if I have to choose one from the playlist I’d say ‘Bist Du alleine – Yung Hürn’ but I’m 100% sure that the whole crew will not agree


Photography : Juliette Valero

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