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For those who don’t know you Axel, could you please give us a few insights on your background ?

I was born and raised in the countryside in the Grenoble area, to tell you the truth I was a salesman for an AC and ventilation system company, not that cool right? I’ve always been very interested by good and well-made clothing, I think it’s linked to my grandparents somehow, they used to work for french shoe manufacturer PARABOOT.

Eventually I end up being a good (I hope) customer at SUMMER through my regular visits to Lyon and then built a relationship with the crew from that point. When the opportunity to join the team full time came up, I was ready to quit the AC industry to do something I truly enjoy and it’s been an amazing journey since then!

Playlist mood and selection ?

It’s pretty simple, I’m listening rock music since I was a teenager, so expect Nirvana, The Clash, but I’m also a strong fan of electronic music and US hip-hop…and also…reggae, soul..well it’s a nice mix of flavors without taking it too seriously. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite song to start the day in store 

Metallica – for whom the bell tolls – it’s a shot of energy while doing some morning clean-up in store !


Photography – Juliette Valero

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