3 questions to Kyle, founder and designer of Los Angeles based brand BRAIN DEAD.

SUMMER – First question, what are three songs you’ll be listening to all summer?

Kyle: This summer, I really like the Egyptian Lover song “I Cry.” I also like “Sour” by Boys Age and a song by ShitKid called “Sugar Town.”

SUMMER – Second, can you tell me a bit about how the story with Netflix happened?

Kyle: They reached out to me about doing a TV show on apparel (originally with Redbull). They asked me what I wanted to do, and I told them I’d like to explore the culture behind clothing. The goal is to make something fun and entertaining.

SUMMER – Do you think you’ll keep making things like it?

Kyle: I think we’ll continue making some of the stuff, for sure.

SUMMER – Last question. Californian girls or French women?

Kyle: Californian girls. Classic! But it’s all love for the French too.


photography – Stéphane Sultana

editing – Kiel Bonhomme

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