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"and the Best Boss award goes to..."
Introducing our very own founder and owner at SUMMER : Stéphane Sultana, at home talking about his childhood and travels.

SUMMER – What did you look like when you were 15? 

S – Wow! 15…  That brings up a lot of good memories. At 15, I had long hair and every day was focused on skateboarding. I’m sure I have a picture if you want to see it.

I was doing the bare minimum at school and didn’t really love any of my classes. I just wanted to skate around the city with my friends. Looking back, that was a definitive time in my life. I discovered so much through my connection to skateboarding – street culture, streetwear, art, travelling…

My big dream at that time was to work for a skate company, and it actually came true. I still can’t believe it, but my first job interview was with a guy whose poster was hanging on the wall of my room as teenager. And I got the job! A few weeks later I was organizing a tour through France for some of the guys who skated for Zoo York and Supreme.

My lifelong motto: working on what I’m passionate about and collaborating with inspiring people who I admire.

SUMMER – Running a store means long weeks and short week-ends. How do you turn /OFF/ on Sundays? 

S – Being your own boss means you never fully turn off, and that’s especially true when your business is both brick & mortar and digital. Having a “store store” and an e-store is time consuming, but it’s what I love so I almost don’t consider it “work” in the traditional sense.

And to be honest, our Wi-Fi at home is slow so that forces me to take it easy on my days off.

Coming back to your question though, when I am not working I try to carve out as much time as possible for my three boys and my lovely wife. We like having friends over, hanging out by the fireplace, throwing poolside barbecues – that’s life.

SUMMER – « SUMMER » also takes you far from home, all around the world really. What has been your favorite hotel experience or memory so far?

I’ve been lucky to stay in a lot of great hotels, but my favorite is the Ace [Hotel] in Palm Springs. The whole experience is special, I love it there. It has the total “SUMMER” vibe: warm weather, palm trees, pool parties, and frozen margaritas!

Another stand out place is The Cerulean in Tokyo. You wake up with a view of Mount Fuji, there is amazing service “à la japonaise,” and the breakfast is world class.

photography : Yoann Wenger

editing : Kiel Bonhomme

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