SUMMER tape 01. - Roof Access and Stephane

Hey folks ! It was about time that we share with you some vibes and sounds !

For this first installment of our tape series, we invited some of our London friends Stéphane (not your summer’s stephane to make things clear! ) and Emmett aka Roof Access.

Listen to the playlist on Apple music here :

Read more about the Stephane & Roof Access and their inspirations for the playlist below /

SUMMER – Stephane, Roof Access can you introduce yourself and your musical activities to people who know nothing about you?

Me and Roof Access met at a famed Cam’ron non appearance show at the Forum in London a few years back and have been friends sinceOur mutual love for rap music lead us to start a show together on Balamii Radio a bit more than a year ago. A few months later we met our mate David and started our Gelato nights where we invited rappers, producers and DJ’s from London, and sometimes France too to perform.

Roof Access also co-hosts Blonded with Frank Ocean, Vegyn & Feduh and plays in Rex Orange County and his own band Phil Graves.

SUMMER – What is the story behind this playlist – how did you approach it ? 

We approached this playlist the same way we approach all our radio shows, or selections for the Gelato nights – Our three main influences are southern rap, UK rap and french rap & that’s a blend you’ll always find wherever we go. We’re very lucky to be surrounded by a lot of incredible artists and it’s always been important for us to play as much music made by our friends as possible, and the same thing goes for this playlist we made for you.

SUMMER – This year has seen a lot of great hip hop releases, is there any that’s marked you more than the others in the past few months ?  


Heroes by Retro X, which was released last month, is undoubtedly the release that had the biggest impact on us. Retro X is a french rapper based in Toulouse and we have invited him over twice in the past few months in London. First he came to guest on our Balamii Radio show and then we got him to perform at our Gelato night at Rye Wax back in April, with Vegyn and Lava la Rue and both times were incredible.

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