We talked about good food and  great dinner memories with Pierre Boiselle, co-founder of Reception and proud ambassador of our very own hometown — Lyon, France.

SUMMER – Tell me about a special meal that you were able to share with people who inspire you, or that happened in a place that left a strong impression on you.

P – The first thing that comes to mind has to do with the very first tee shirt we made with Gargani, the restaurant in Florence (Italy). At the time it was called Trattoria Garga. I think the story goes that there were two brothers who each had a restaurant, and they were at war. For some reason, one of the brothers changed the name to Gargani… Anyway, I was with some of the team from Slam Jam and we were invited to dinner by Edwin and Salomée Faeh. It was my first time visiting Florence for work, and it was dope to find ourselves around a big table like that. There was a delicious Bistecca alla Fiorentina, which is a local Tuscan specialty – it’s like prime rib made in a pizza oven. We ate and drank really well, and at the end of the meal they brought us a joint. They let us smoke it in the middle of the restaurant! We stayed hanging out like that at the table for four or five hours. Every time I think of that dinner I remember how incredible that night felt.

SUMMER – Since we’re here in Lyon, where would you recommend that a visitor go eat? And where should they avoid?

P – The thing is, I’m actually really picky about what I eat, and I don’t like eating “traditional” Lyonnais dishes. Aside from the Lyonnais saucisson, I don’t eat things like andouillette or other local delicacies, which means I don’t go to bouchons. That seems like a thing that you have to do when you come to Lyon though, even if the food is kind of unusual.

Otherwise, I would say to check out the food court “Les Halles.” It’s big and you might not always get the best service, but the ambience is great. I’d also suggest going to one of the Paul Bocuse brasseries. They’re consistently good, so it’s hard to be disappointed. The Brasserie Georges is also worth checking out. I prefer the brasserie style, even if that isn’t what Lyon is known for.

And when it’s nice out in the summer you should go to the guinguettes (little bar/restos) on the banks of the Saône. Those are always nice.

SUMMER – Last question. Give me your most spontaneous answer. If you could blink and be on vacation in the next second, where would you be?

P – I’d open my eyes and be in Anthéor, where Céline and her sisters have their family home in le Midi (Southern France). The town is on the coast, meaning I’d be headed for the water right now… probably with a glass of rosé in hand (laughs). Just days full of barbecuing and swimming.



photography : Yoann Wenger

editing : Kiel Bonhomme

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